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Kazdan International is a coaching, consulting and training agency that serves as a global leader to provide innovative revenue generation solutions for businesses.

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Letter from the CEO

Kazdan International uses proprietary and comprehensive communication processes to create customized business strategies for each client. Through coaching and training, Kazdan International develops solutions to improve interpersonal relationships and communication behaviors in addition to building sales skills resulting in increased revenue.

Our training includes behavioral marketing and sales strategies that provide clients with skills and techniques to communicate with investors and clients more successfully. Kazdan International’s tactical approach to identifying organizational inefficiencies has enabled them to increase revenue rapidly with a compelling track record.

We empower our clients to feel more confident, take the lead and guide every personal and business interaction. As a sales and marketing management resource, we work with an organization’s in-house team or as an outsourced resource to increase productivity and revenue.

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Thank you for stopping by the Kazdan International website. Our objective has always been to provide the tools necessary for investors, consultants, and business individuals to share what it is they know how to do while meeting their own goals. We have a clear and proprietary system with which to do that.

We offer an immersive way by which to learn new skills related to communication, management and leadership. We believe in the power of community, innovation and cross cultural diversity offering our clients something they can make use of in their workplace as well as in their personal lives.

In the last many years, we have built a compendium of tools designed to allow all types of business professionals to shorten the sales cycle, strengthen their deliverables, build market share on the clarity of their edge, and to have the services at the ready for durable growth. That has always been our mission to be seen as a strategic partner alongside the clients with whom we work. It would be a great honor to have the privilege to work with you.

I can’t wait to generate revenue with you!

Nancy L. Kazdan, Founder & CEO
Kazdan International

Nancy Kazdan

Global Behavioral Communication Coach

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Nancy Kazdan is one of the premier behavioral coaches that businesses turn to when they need help developing that serious competitive edge. Her proven gold standard methods, expert skills in leadership, marketing and sales, along with intuitive insights have helped global business executives, teams, and individuals to succeed in revenue generation across sectors where others have failed. One only needs to look at Nancy's countless measurable success stories to know her process works.

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Nancy Kazdan headshot

Nancy is a world-renowned Behavioral Communication Coach to clients in financial services, technology, professional services, and other high demand industries. Her experience spans startups, small businesses and international organizations needing to grow and achieve business objectives in a globally competitive environment.

Nancy has been engaged by Apple, Ernst & Young, IBM, PwC, Colliers Jardine, Russell Investment Group, Deutsche Asset Management, Credit Suisse, Bloomberg, Aconex, Intech, and Thomson Reuters amongst others.

Nancy’s clients regard her as the consummate professional across a wide variety of private and public technology, financial and services organizations. She is the leader that companies turn to when requiring that serious competitive edge to win. Her expert and intuitive insight into behavioral and communicative powers that need to be utilized for businesses and individuals to succeed, has resulted in countless measurable success stories.

Nancy’s experience in industry leadership and cultural diversity, institutional and retail investment spans more than two decades and multiple continents including North America, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia.

Nancy received her BS with a focus on Nursing and Behavioral Science from the University of California, East Bay, as well as Certification in Infectious Disease. She began her career as an RN in neurology and neurosurgery at University of California, San Francisco Medical Center (UCSF). Her interest expanded into studying human behavior, marketing strategy and business. She is certified in Cognitive Behavioral Coaching and Behavioral Sales Assessments. On a postgraduate level from Stanford University and the Australian Graduate School of Management, she focused on Organizational Development, Transformational Leadership and Strategic Market Management.

Having studied comedy writing for television sit-coms, she also produced and performed the one woman show, “Changing Countries” in San Francisco.

Nancy has spent 23 years working and raising her family in Sydney, Australia before returning to Silicon Valley in 2008.

Behavioral Communication Coaching Values

Optimize Client Success

Superior behavioral communication is the pinnacle of every action.

Communication Skills

Build listening intelligence. Learn to ask game-changing questions.


Work with individuals and teams to increase skills, confidence, and optimism to create measurable change.

Establish Goals

Issues are identified, and project plans are rigorously implemented to reach clients’ goals and objectives.

Measurable Results

Strengthen the sales, marketing, and executive teams to raise their level of expectations and productivity.

Customized Projects

Our services and projects are customized for every client according to their unique needs and requirements.

What We Do


High Performance Behavioral Communication Coaching ignites people’s creativity, intuition, IQ, Emotional Intelligence, smart decision making and output levels.

What is Behavioral Communication Coaching?

Behavioral Communication Coaching is a psychological approach (forward looking not backward) including skills transfer, to achieve sustainable behavior change in a short time frame.  The operating principles of behavioral coaching originate from multiple disciplines including behavioral science, evidence based, psychology, neuroscience, and brain-based learning. Cognitive Behavioral Coaching (CBC) works to understand the relationship between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  Thoughts create feelings causing behaviors to happen.  “Change your thoughts, change your life,” could be your mantra.  Coaching focuses on the present to change your future.

Our Services


Marketing Strategies and Brand Identity

We help you see the world differently, discover opportunities you may never
have imagined and achieve measurable results to bridge your world now and in the future.

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Strategic market analysis, reporting, recommendations
Analyze organizational effectiveness
Organizational Development
Change Management
Leadership and Project Management

Coaching, Consulting, Training, Mentoring

Building listening intelligence and asking catalytic, game-changing questions help you to develop your business relationships with every client interaction.

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Individual cognitive behavioral communication coaching sessions
Evaluate and refine storytelling, presentation, and communication behaviors to achieve business outcomes
Create learning and development training programs
Client-centric interpersonal communication skills

Sales Enablement Supply Chain: Beginning to Close

Enabling clients to create and refine storytelling, presentation and communication behaviors to attract more client relationships and increase business.

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Deploy situational sales enablement at scale
Advise how to create compelling value propositions
Deploy quantitative and qualitative trackable metrics to measure sales performance
Customize a step-by-step product/service client-centric sales process

Measurable Results


We help our clients, individuals and teams, to drive complex change, which enables them to grow, build competitive advantage, and create bottom-line impact.

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Client Case Studies


Case Study

Global Private Equity

The Challenge

Prior to COVID, a European investment bank invited Nancy Kazdan to remotely coach and train their Analyst moving into sales. He had no previous sales experience.

The Results

Went from zero sales to $10M in 6 months. According to our client, they attested to the rigorous coaching exercise of preparing 100 Questions prior to meeting clients. To this day, the client believes the 100 questions have become one of the key success factors in closing client business.

View Our Process

The Process

The Learning and Development Process:

  • Developed a program of 20 one-on-one coaching sessions building relationships with potential clients using ZOOM.
  • The Kazdan International proprietary 4 Phase, 12 step sales process was adapted to the client learning objectives.
  • New market entry and analysis created a new potential client funnel. Email templates and phone call scripts provided the confidence to contact potential clients. Clients were called/emailed to arrange meetings.
  • Each meeting is prepared according to client needs and extent of existing and potential relationship needs.
  • Prior to each meeting, open questions were prepared.
  • Presentation skills protocols, delivery and pitch deck information targeted to client decision making committees to increase close rate.

Case Study

The Challenge

Deutsch Asset Management’s Equity Lending book had been decreasing and no longer fit within their asset management strategy. The goal was to retain the existing book, approximately $330M. Also, convert as much of the variable book to fixed loans with an expectation of 1% of new business growth. The immediate issue was to risk manage and retain $51M of existing business about to defect to competitors.

The Results

Deutsch Asset Management retained $51M in assets at risk and secured $39.8M of new assets in six weeks. This increased the value of the business allowing for the sale of the division.

View Our Process

The Process

  • Lead and manage six separate project teams of 25 people
  • Create marketing collateral to highlight tax benefits of the margin lending product enabling sales teams to communicate product value to their clients
  • Train and coach sales teams equipping them with strategies and targeted marketing collateral for intermediaries and their clients
  • Provide marketing information kits for Financial Planners and Stockbrokers to educate their clients about tax advantages of margin lending
  • Advise Sales and Client Services how to target and strategize to retain clients who were in jeopardy of taking their business elsewhere
  • Collaborate with Client Services to script responses to questions from existing clients regarding benefits of moving their variable loans to fixed loans which increased PE ratio of the book upon sale.

Case Study

The Challenge

Turn around 30 consecutive lost potential client Requests for Proposal (RFPs)

The Results

Restructured the quality, content and graphic information delivering $3.5B of new RFPs accepted. Developed and redesigned responses to their Endowment and Corporate pension fund RFPs, winning the next three — amounting to $62M of new business in six weeks.

View Our Process

The Process

  • Analyzed each lost RFP and develop categories for losses – people, processes, production, presentation
  • Conducted a comprehensive marketing collateral audit. Determine a competitive position and value proposition for product marketing
  • Developed solutions for each category of losses
  • Implemented a rigorous qualifying cost benefit analysis process each time an RFP is presented
  • Restructured the RFP look and feel with existing branding
  • Increased professionalism of the written submission with visuals and content targeted to the specific client request
  • Developed and trained management and business development staff to deliver professional sales meetings and RFP presentations

Case Study

The Challenge

CEO of Aconex wants a proven behavioral assessment process to rapidly recruit successful salespeople.

The Results

This process was implemented globally throughout the company.  Results demonstrated that recruitment, retention, and sales results were achieved.  This enabled Aconex to rapidly increase revenue with (timeframe) of being implemented.

View Our Process

The Process

  • Analyzed and map Aconex’s existing sales recruitment method
  • Identified strengths and weaknesses in the Aconex sales enterprise
  • Recommend utilizing our proprietary science-based assessment designed to identify the exact problem areas in Aconex’s sales force and measure behaviors that lead to success. We caution that personality tests only provide broad descriptions of who your salespeople are. We recommend our science-based Sales Preference Assessment that will tell you what they will do.
  • Instituted our online behavioral questionnaire for each salesperson and new recruit. We provided a written report, analysis and management debrief.
  • Create management recruitment guidelines and specific questions to address weaknesses

Representative List of Kazdan International Clients

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Testimonials: What Clients Are Saying

  • “Nancy Kazdan’s energy and focus are first class. She has an amazing ability to draw out the imperfections in a sales process and create perfection. My team and I have had numerous group and one-on-one sessions with Nancy. She helps us create excellence in our sales process to not only hit our targets but exceed them. A professional in all areas, Nancy creates a sense of color and creativity as she teaches a deep sense of both intellectual and emotional intelligence. This has translated into strong client relationships and commercial success.
    Linda Stangerlin
    Financial Services Business Leader and Sales Executive
  • “I have worked with Nancy on several projects over the years. They have been complex environments requiring innovative solutions… each one achieving a successful outcome. Nancy helped turn a group of introverted actuaries working in an employee benefits consulting business into a client focused group leveraging its intellectual capability more effectively. She coached a top performer in the IT business at IBM to move to a new level of capability and created an extremely innovative communication program for a superannuation fund in an industrial company, just to name a few. Nancy applies her marketing and creative skills to find solutions and work very effectively with different groups of people to implement them successfully.”
    Michael Monaghan
    Former CEO, Deutsche Asset Management
  • With Nancy Kazdan’s help we managed to exceed all our milestones. She was instrumental in helping us develop our selling model and has been even more effective facilitating us to implement the change management required to make us successful.”
    Chris Corneil
    Managing Director, Russell Investment
  • “Nancy did a great job for us at Coda. She developed the curriculum and trained Coda’s dealer and customer-facing marketing and sales folks. The results of her work were impressive, and she was a real pleasure to work with. Soliciting appropriately, Nancy received feedback from all directions and provided useful input gracefully and collaboratively. I recommend her as a team member for any new-product development and intro campaign.”
    Don Christian
    Engineer, CODA Automotive
  • “I had the pleasure of working with Nancy on sales training, coaching, investor strategy and marketing materials for my firm. Not being a natural salesperson, Nancy helped me, as a Portfolio Manager, organize the sales cycle into a process. She taught me how to use tools to analyze and evaluate the success of a salesforce. Nancy’s personal nature, sensitivity and knowledge, helped me adjust my use of language and ability to capture my audience’s attention. I now see fewer blank stares coming across the table.”
    Eric Mayo
    Managing Partner, Tera Incognita Capital
  • “Nancy is the consummate professional. For our company’s customer-facing staff, Nancy developed, project- managed and facilitated the sales process from beginning to closing the sale. She successfully communicated her in-depth experience in strategy, marketing, and sales to our new salespeople. Nancy united people to collaborate a successful sales training and development program. She has numerous key differentiating qualities that enable her to be successful – highly receptive to feedback, seeks to understand her audience and target customer, and focuses on creating the best possible customer experience by ensuring all relevant details are covered. Nancy is an outstanding collaborator who unites people through her leadership, relationship building, sales consulting, training, and coaching experience. I recommend her for future roles and would not hesitate to work with her again.
    Aaron Cohen
    Global Director, Long-term Forecasting and Industry Analyst, General Motors
  • “Nancy was very helpful in refining our sales process. Following our work together, our sales efforts have become reportable, repeatable, and efficient. Thank you, Nancy, for all your help!”
    Rael Gorelick
    Partner, Gorelick Brothers Capital
  • “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nancy for the past two years. Her depth of knowledge and experience is notable as she puts senior clients and trainees at ease with her conversational style. She is all about the sales management process and how to perfect it to yield the best outcome. Nancy instinctively understands the sales process, how to navigate the nuance of each touch point and translate these skills to others… and at scale. Her analytics are strong, enabling scale through understanding the data behind sales and CRM.”
    Andrew Corn
    CEO, E5A

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We invite leaders of all kinds to refine their ability to communicate, develop their voices, and think more strategically about the impact of their leadership communication content. This ensures key messages resonate with the people they influence to inspire confidence, support, and trust.

  • More closed business in less time
  • Improved impact as an authentic leader
  • Build sustainable relationships
  • Cement credibility and professional image

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